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The Carriage Driving List's
Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

Welcome to the Carriage Driving List Secret Santa Gift Exchange Signup!

Hello all. Secret Santa is now open. Even if you are not new to Secret Santa, please read ALL the way to the bottom before you click the link to sign up.  Please!  Fill the form out completely and accurately.  I do not have time to track down zip codes and such for everyone.  PLEASE!

For those of you who are new to the list, CD-L Secret Santa was created as a way to, among other things, spread some holiday cheer on the Carriage Driving list. Members who wish to participate in Secret Santa are assigned a Santaee with the direction to provide this person with a little Christmas cheer. When Secret Santa signups close, each Secret Santa is emailed the information on their Santaee. It works like this:

  1. Sign up for Secret Santa. Signups close November 15th.
  2. Between Nov 16th and Nov 18th, receive your Secret Santa assignment. (If you don't get it by the 20th, let me  or Donna know).
  3. Leave hints and messages of seasonal cheer on the Secret Santa Bulletin Board. Check it frequently for hints from YOUR Santa.
  4. Shop thoughtfully, pack carefully (INCLUDE TRACKING) and ship your Santaee's gift(s) in a timely manner (recommend no more than $25 value).
  5. When your own Secret Santa package arrives, stick it under the tree and wait for Christmas.

One final thing. On the list I am no-mail. I am ALWAYS no-mail. If you have something you need me to read or know, you must send an email to grinchelf@carriagedriving.net. If you don't hear from me within 12 hours, your email was trapped by my spam filter which I don't check every day. Make SURE you put 'CD-L Secret Santa' in the subject line and I will find it if that happens.

Wishing you the best in holiday cheer,


General Information

This text changes from year to year, so read this page.

What is a Secret Santa and how does it work?

Secret Santa is a fun way to spread holiday cheer without going broke buying for many different people. Usually in large groups, names are placed in a hat and everyone picks one. That is their "Santa-ee" for the season.

Because the CD-L is comprised of geographically separate members, we have to do things a little differently. Once all interested CD-Lrs have signed up (signup is open now and cutoff is November 15th) each is paired with a Santa-ee. For those playing, the Santa-ee information is sent via e-mail November 16th through November 18th. This gives ample time for Santas to do their shopping to get their gift in the mail by December 5th. Santas should plan for their gifts(s) to arrive at their Santa-ee's home by December 24 at the very latest.

You can have as much fun with this game as you like. If you want, you may share clues about yourself with your Santaee. This is voluntary, but those who have participated in the past have enjoyed the challenge of dropping hints without giving the game away. The board to post clues is the Secret Santa Bulletin Board.

Remember, the idea is to have fun and spread holiday cheer. In agreeing to do the Secret Santa thing, you are expected to get your package assembled and mailed in time to arrive by Christmas day, and no later! If disaster strikes and you must drop out of the Secret Santa program, please let one of the organizers know IMMEDIATELY so steps can be taken to see everyone who wants to play gets covered. Email either so we can help.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you may not want to give your ID away, it is highly recommended you send your package(s) with some sort of tracking. And due to new national security issues, you must send it with a full return address. If you really want to be sneaky, ask another CDL'r to mail the package for you, or use a friend's address (with their permission of course!). GrinchElf does not run a delivery confirmation service. If you want to know if/when your package arrives at your Santaee's, add the cost of delivery confirmation to your shipping. It's an inexpensive way to know when your package gets where you're sending it.

If you choose to participate, we ask you to keep your promise. Send a gift with a value of no more than $25US (you can spend what you wish, but remember, not all of us have deep pockets). To make filling your wish list a little easier for your Santa, fill out your form with enough detail to give your Santa a good idea of your tastes and interests. While not required, you may send anonymous e-mails, cards, letters, any kind of clue you like to your Santa-ee.

If you have any additional questions, please contact GrinchElf or AbsentElf.