What Does a Dual Exhaust System Do

What Does a Dual Exhaust System Do?- For Better Knowledge!

Nowadays, truck owners want to upgrade their vehicles to suit their tastes and style. While others focus on the exterior, some want modification on the engine. With several modifications possible, it can be a daunting task to decide where to start. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can start by adding a dual exhaust system.

An exhaust system is a critical component for your car, especially if you need an upgrade. However, exhaust systems are available in several types, and understanding the particular type your car requires is essential.

This write-up will explore the several types of exhaust systems, including cat-back and dual exhaust systems. Finally, you will learn the benefits and what does a dual exhaust system do. With everything cleared up, let us get started.

What is a dual exhaust system?

An exhaust system comprises a set of pipes carrying engine exhaust outside the engine to the atmosphere. It consists of a pipe that directs your car’s gas through the engine. However, a dual exhaust system comes with two pipes connected to your car. You can connect an exhaust system to a cylinder head, catalytic converter, muffler, and turbocharger.

Each of the parts mentioned above performs distinct functions. For example, the catalytic converter reduces air pollution by converting toxic substances from your car exhaust into less harmful gases.

The exhaust system is usually located at your vehicle’s back via the muffler, which acts as a noise suppression device. Besides this, it also helps minimize the sound coming from your exhaust pipes as you travel. A dual exhaust system comes with several pipe configurations; some are placed next to each other, depending on the vehicle.

What does a dual exhaust system do?

Before looking at the several benefits of using a dual exhaust system for your car, you need to understand what a dual exhaust system does. Normally, the function of a dual exhaust system is to improve your engine efficiency and its overall performance.

In addition, it also filters exhaust gases away from the engine. It helps increase your car’s engine horsepower since the engine does not put much effort into pushing the gases outside and brings more oxygen inside.

A horsepower defines how your car engine works in a period. Usually, the average horsepower for a car is 222; however, adding a dual exhaust system can increase it to 167 percent. The percentage increase depends on your engine type, exhaust piping diameter, and equipment attached to the exhaust system.

Notably, the wider the pipe is the more gas flow outside the engine, and the better your car’s horsepower. Nevertheless, if the pipe gets too wide, it affects the overall engine performance since it sacrifices engine compression, making it harder for the engine to get gases outside.

Single exhaust system vs. Dual exhaust system

With a clear understanding of what does a dual exhaust system do, it is critical to note that there is a difference between a single and dual exhaust system. Understandably, some car owners tend to look down on a single exhaust system.

However, that does not mean it is detrimental to your car because you can upgrade your single exhaust system. You do not have to spend heavily to achieve this feat. Remarkably, here is where many prefer to use a single exhaust system because of its affordability and the minimal effort required to assemble.

“Overall, whether you decide to opt for a single or dual exhaust system, the main objective is to improve your car’s horsepower and efficiency. Furthermore, improving your car sound and lifespan is another reason to weigh both options before critically making a decision.”

Types of Dual Exhaust Systems

Most trucks install a dual exhaust system because residual air pushes faster in a dual system than in a single exhaust system. Moreover, it helps improves your engine horsepower, as already indicated. Although they are expensive, they are a better option than single exhausts.

While using either a single or dual exhaust system depends on personal choice, let us explore some types of a dual exhaust systems.

Dual Rear exit

Although it has similarities with a single exhaust system, it has two exit pipes. Depending on the configuration, most dual rear exit systems can be spaced from your vehicle’s rear or placed next to each other. In addition, the pipe diameter varies and can decrease or increase your engine sound.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

This type of dual exhaust system is the best option if you want your car to sound powerful and provide that bigger engine impression in your neighborhood. The exhaust system comprises two fixed pipes positioned separately beneath either side of your rear bumper.

In most cases, the pipes can bend at a 90-degree angle without wrapping around your wheel like a single exhaust pipe system. Overall, opposite dual exhaust systems are efficient, especially if you want to boost your engine sound.

Dual Side Exhaust

Unlike the opposite dual exhaust, the dual side exhaust has both pipes exiting from one side of your vehicle. The pipe is lengthened and covered through your car’s wheel before exiting the car. This configuration helps minimize the amount of residue your exhaust system releases. You will find a dual side exhaust system in most heavy towing vehicles.

Cat-Back Exhaust

This dual exhaust system is expanded to accommodate one more part, unlike the axle-back exhaust system. It comes with a tailpipe, mid-pipe, muffler, exhaust tips, and over-axle pipe. The inclusion of a mid-pipe helps increase the efficiency and performance of the engine.

Axle-back exhaust

The axle-back exhaust dual system comprises several components and begins in your vehicle’s rear axle front. It includes exhaust tips, over-axle type, muffler, and tailpipe. However, among the distinct types of the dual exhaust systems, it is the least efficient and most cost-efficient to install

Benefits of Dual Exhaust System

Today, most car owners are embracing the benefits of using a dual exhaust system in their vehicles. Changing from a single exhaust to a dual exhaust system makes the internal car system provide several performance improvements, reduces pollution, and increase sound quality and longevity.

In addition, there are other benefits associated with using a dual exhaust system that you will not find available. “Overall, looking at the benefits of using a dual exhaust system, it is hard for anyone not to make a switch, especially if you have been using a single exhaust system.”

Let us explore five benefits of using a dual exhaust system for your car.

Increases horsepower and efficiency

Recent research has shown that installing a dual exhaust system can increase your car’s horsepower and engine efficiency. It will help increase the towing force your vehicle can bear while decreasing the lag time most vehicles experience when at high speeds. The dual exhaust system quickly funnels burnt gases from your engine while bringing in more oxygen, allowing your engine to reach peak performance within seconds as you drive.

Improved sound options

Besides increasing your horsepower and engine efficiency, another significant benefit of a dual exhaust system is the enhanced sound options it offers. With a dual system, you can see people looking at your car as you travel down the road.

However, some areas have noise regulations, which you must be conversant with to avoid violating the state’s law. The idea is to find a balance between coolness and legality as you try to improve your overall car sound.

Increases fuel economy

If you have issues with fuel efficiency, installing a dual exhaust system might reduce your engine strain since it does not work harder to push gases outside. With this, your car increases its fuel economy, allowing for better power usage and generating more energy.

“It doesn’t make any sense if you keep experiencing poor fuel economy when you can switch to a dual exhaust system to increase fuel economy.”

Prolong the engine’s lifespan

Installing a dual system can prolong your engine’s lifespan. The frequent flow of fresh air into your engine can reduce the temperature as hot gases pass away from the engine. Cars with dual exhaust systems last longer than those with a single exhaust system. In addition, you can drive your car for a more extended period without damaging other components connected to the exhaust system since it receives an adequate inflow of air.

Availability of options

A dual exhaust system offers several options for your car. We have already mentioned the several types of a dual exhaust systems with their benefits. You can choose the option that suits your car and budget. Interestingly, these options are easy to install and improve your engine’s efficiency and performance.


Installing a dual exhaust system for your car can improve its overall performance in several ways. Going through this write-up, you can understand what does a dual exhaust system do. With an exhaust system, you achieve increased engine efficiency and horsepower.

Besides this, your engine reaches peak performance and becomes faster than a single exhaust system. Lastly, with air pollution a major concern, a dual exhaust system can help minimize pollution and increase your overall car performance.

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